Our Latest Projects

Recent Excavations in Ashbourne, County Meath
On-going excavations in Ashbourne have uncovered a wealth of archaeological information. Recent discoveries include two well preserved burial sites from the Early Bronze Age. Pottery, flint objects and cremated bone were just some of the artefacts recovered during the course of the excavation.
Excavations in Ashbourne
Excavation at Killegland, County Meath
During the autumn a hitherto unknown ecclesiastical complex was uncovered close to the 7th century site of St. Declan’s Church. Souterrains, kilns, pits and evidence for metal working were all found within the massive enclosure. The range and quality of artefacts recovered was equally impressive. Numerous bone combs, pins, bracelets and several copper and iron knives attest to the high level of craftsmanship employed.
Excavation at Killegland
Exciting Discoveries in Finglas, County Dublin
A significant burial was uncovered in August near the medieval church of Finglas in north Dublin. The extended skeleton of a 25- to 35- year-old female was found associated with a complete oval brooch dated to the late ninth century. The broken remains of a long bone comb of Scandinavian origin lay on the right side of the skeleton and several fragments of cloth were found under the left hand. The artefacts are currently being conserved in the Conservation Department of the National Museum of Ireland at Collins Barracks and will go on display as soon as possible. more details...
Discoveries in Finglas
N8 Cashel-By-Pass, County Tipperary
In conjunction with the National Roads Authority and Tipperary County Council, Icon Archaeology is currently engaged in compiling the results of the excavations carried out as part of the new by-pass. This new archaeological information will provide an excellent overview of the pattern of settlement around historically significant town of Cashel. more details...
N8 Cashel-By-Pass
A New Settlement in Ferns, County Wexford
A large scale test excavation undertaken in the historically important town of Ferns, uncovered substantial remains of an Early Medieval settlement overlooking the 6th century monastery of St. Maedhog. A newly discovered Bronze Age cemetery was an unexpected find and offers a tantalizing glimpse into the lives of the people over 4,000 years ago.
Settlement in Ferns
A Skeleton in Adare, County Limerick
During the course of archaeological monitoring carried out on the grounds of Adare Manor a circular enclosure from the prehistoric period was found. An intact male skeleton was found at the base of the enclosing ditch which provided a rare insight into the burial practices of our distant ancestors.
Skeleton in Adare
Castle Street, Dalkey
Following the discovery of one of the “missing” fortified houses in the medieval port town of Dalkey an extensive catalogue of all the arfetacts found is now nearing completion. The catalogue will include detailed descriptions, illustrations and analysis of a wide variety of artefacts form the late 12th century onwards.
Castle Dalkey